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266. 295. Aa5804. 28. 82. ATT SORTERA. 217.

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⁠ intermediate Quiz 2: intermediate – advanced Overview of Coordinators, Grammar. 266. 295. Aa5804. 28. 82. ATT SORTERA.

a.Connect words, phrases, or clauses that are independent or equal.

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Coordinators grammar

These Co-  Campbeltown Grammar School.

Coordinators grammar

Read these examples: The bowl of squid eyeball stew is hot and delicious. The squid eyeball stew is so thick that you can eat it with a fork or a spoon..
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This page explains the usage of coordinators and, but, so, for, yet, or, nor in English grammar sentences and phrases. A longer list of correlating coordinators is provided in the e-book or paperback version of this grammar, available from Amazon.

295. Aa5804.
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Function words perform definite grammatical functions but lack definite lexical meaning. Only one grammatical form can perform the function of coordinator in English. The one grammatical form that can function as the coordinator is the coordinating conjunction. A coordinator expresses a meaning of addition, contrast or option/alternative; is a part of neither of its coordinated structures; allows interchangeability of coordinate structures without affecting meaning. Coordinators (and, but, so, or, nor, for*, yet*) connect elements of equal importance.